The Glaze Book

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The Glaze Book

A visual catalogue of decorative ceramic glazes

Hard Back

Spiral Bound

Readers will find anything and everything they want to know about glazes in this one practical and workshop-friendly volume.

More than 1,000 glazes are illustrated so readers can see the color and surface response each offers. The book covers utilitarian domestic ware and decorative ceramics, as well as firing and glazing techniques for both. It also features valuable information on preparation, application techniques, health and safety considerations, and kiln firing cycles.

Author Stephen Murfitt specializes in the process of raku and smoke-fired, hand-made ceramics. His pots have been widely exhibited in galleries throughout Britain and included in many public and private collections.

• Includes 700 glaze recipes for gloss, matte, dry, and textured finishes

• More than 1,000 gorgeous photos illustrate various surface responses

• Valuable information on health and safety considerations

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