Classic Jaguar Issue 4

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Classic Jaguar  |  Issue #4

XK120 - Purity in Motion

Classic Jaguar is a new magazine that takes a look at some of the most iconic sports cars and saloons produced by the Coventry firm. From MkVII saloon to XKSS, we examine the beauty, the power and the history of these fine cars. Includes a MkVII-IX buying guide, a superb low mileage MkI saloon, a fabulous E-Type 4.2 Roadster, an Australian restoration and a behind the scenes visit to Jaguar Land Rover's classic workshop. 

In this issue, we test a pure, unmodified XK120 fixed head coupe, a lightly-tweaked XJS 3.6 Manual and Lyons' own MkX. We also tell you how to wake up your Jaguar after the winter break, what to consider when upgrading gearboxes and go behind the scenes of the paint shop. We also have unseen photos of Browns Lane over the decades, a look at the life of Lofty England and a look beyond the parts counter at Martin Robey Engineering.

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