Ships Illustrated #3 - Queen Mary

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Ships Illustrated: RMS Queen Mary

Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Kelsey Publishing (July 2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-909786-30-1
Barcode: 978109786301

Janette McCutcheon has been a life-long fan of Queen Mary. First visiting the ship when she was eight, she has been aboard numerous times. Growing up with stories of her grandfather’s visit to the launch in 1934, she had been enthralled at the story of this ‘Queen of the Seas’, from peacetime to wartime and on to her preservation. She has a large collection of ocean liner memorabilia, that stretches from textiles to china and silverware, from furniture to posters and postcards to photographs, and has written numerous books on Cunard’s great ocean liners, as well as those of White Star.


7 The Beginning
Cunard ended the 1920s with three old and outdated superliners. They were to be replaced with two new vessels, the largest ships in the world.

17 Launch
Launched in 1934 after a tumultuous two years when she sat on the stocks, the new ship was named by Her Majesty Queen Mary, whose name she took as she slid into the waters of the Clyde.

28 Artwork
Many famous artists of the day decorated Queen Mary from top to bottom. She was fitted out in an subdued Art Deco style, much in keeping with the time, but which has managed to remain fresh and modern to the present day.

37 Maiden
The maiden voyage of Queen Mary was set for the Queen’s birthday, 27 May 1936. Thousands thronged the dockside at Southampton and the pier head at New York to catch a glimpse of the new superliner.

46 On board
‘Getting there was half the fun’ was the catchy Cunard slogan of the 1930s- 1950s, when four days at sea seemed like a non-stop party of entertainment and excellent cuisine in luxury.

55 Wartime
The declaration of war saw Queen Mary at sea with her largest passenger load to date, and she carried 16,000 soldiers, a world record, across the Atlantic.

65 Heyday
The post-war years saw Cunard at its most profitable, but the advent of the jet airliner killed the liner trade to America. Sent cruising to survive, the expensive Queen Mary was sold in 1967.

75 Final
The last great voyage took Queen Mary on her final voyage from Southampton to Long Beach via Cape Horn, where passengers paid to travel round the Cape in a London bus.

86 Engines
A ship of superlatives, Queen Mary was powered by the biggest steam turbines of her generation, and had the largest propellers of her generation.

93 QM today
After 80 years afloat, Queen Mary has now spent some 47 years in preservation and remains the last great liner of the mid-twentieth century.

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