Range Rover World Volume 2

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Range Rover World Volume 2

TOUGH LUXURY is a phrase often used to sum up the Range Rover. Even at its launch it was called ‘The Car For All Reasons’. It’s a pretty effective combination, emphasised by the recent announcement that 1000 extra staff will be hired at Solihull to build the next generation of this iconic 4 x 4.

For this issue of Range Rover World, the editorial staff has been tireless in testing the limits of both toughness and luxury. We’ve been driving Range Rovers across bogs and down rocky river canyons as well as cruising across Europe. We’ve been up to Liverpool, the home of the new Evoque, sped down the motorways of the Midlands with the police and even driven the latest in hybrid technology with the Range Evoque. In our lead article, we’ve taken a few educated guesses as to what might be in store in what is going to be a bright future for Range Rover owners. We’ve not neglected the older models either with some original research into the story behind the development of the original model back in the 1960s as well as delving into some insider detail on the short-lived Second Generation P38A and looking at the story behind the restoration of the first production vehicle.

As we drove more and researched more, the story became more interesting. Whether driving a Range Rover, Sport or Evoque there’s no doubt that you’re behind the wheel of a very special vehicle. But, it’s not just about metal. The people we’ve met along the way from the workers at Halewood, the officers of the Central Motorways Police Group, the technicians tending to the Range Evoque Sport on the RAC Future Car Challenge, and the Land Rover Experience team guiding the way on windswept Scottish moors have all been passionate about the Range Rover brand. It’s simply what makes it so special. At Range Rover World, we’re passionate about it too and hope that this passion jumps at you from its pages.

Mike Gould

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